Saturday, July 23, 2005

the last family in england

so what's been passing my time on the train this week?
well, a few weeks ago i stocked up on some 3 4 2s in borders and now i'm working my way through them. i think i'm the only person in the london not to have the latest harry potter in my bag, but i never really got into them. so instead this week i read the last family in england.

it's a puzzling book: a labrador dog's view of family life and his responsibilities within it (labradors are the only dogs left who still believe in their responsibility of keeping families together, above everything else!).

at time it was funny, charming, and it made me wonder a little about my dog, meg. does she really go 'sniffing' for pleasure like a little drug addict??

but on the whole it felt a little dull, which was a shame for a book coming from such an unusual angle and that featured double adultery, murder, drugs and an overdose!! and i was left wondering what it was really all about... in the end the only conculsion i could come to was that matt haig was suggesting that life for the family is over, that the family as we know it, 2.4 children, mummy and daddy and a dog, is dead and not even the most loyal, hardworking dog can save it. terribly sad really, but not sure this book was the best way to say it!

next weeks reads... possibily the lion, the witch and the wardrobe!